Forecast 2018: Events and Expert Pool

Merry Christmas everyone and may 2018 be awesome for you all.

And what are IM Alumni doing next year?

  • Thursday, 22 February Prof Dr Kaspar Riesen will give us a talk about recent research and projects he’s involved in Business Intelligence/Artificial Intelligence. This IM Medley is a good opportunity to combine learning about professional developments as well as networking with fellow alumni during the apero afterwards.  Dean Prof Dr Anya Nikoulina is sponsoring this for us – you can register on

  • On 12 April it’s time for Bid for a Boss – we’re thrilled with not only the money raised this year for alumnus John Uwaeke’s charity but also with the wide range of unique opportunities bosses provided for so many of you. And it was fun. So – save the date or you can already register on 

  • Two other events are planned – a repeat of the Pub Quiz in October and an informal barbecue where you can also bring along your partners (and children) in September. We’ll also, of course, be present at Graduation to award the IM Alumni Graduation Prize.

New: We’d like to establish a pool of experts on IM Alumni. We’re looking for 2-3 experts/professional in the fields of HR, Communications, Finance & Banking, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Accounting & Controlling and Education who are willing to mentor alumni or students, or be willing to simply be available for questions on their professional fields, on continuing academic or professional studies, on professional developments and employers. If you might be interested in being included in the pool, send us an email under