#Throwback Thursday, Sabrina Gallardo

Sabrina and fellow participants get ready for a banquet with officials during the 2010 Insight China seminar. From left: Michael von Arx, Sabrina Gallardo, Andrea Krebs, Chung EnhTaing.

Sabrina and fellow participants get ready for a banquet with officials during the 2010 Insight China seminar. From left: Michael von Arx, Sabrina Gallardo, Andrea Krebs, Chung EnhTaing.

“I had on no occasion experienced anything like the banquets with Chinese leaders we had during Insight China in 2010. I had never been so far away from home, in such a different culture and there we were, proving our great respect to them, drinking shot after shot with these officials. Not all students could keep up with these drinking habits. This trip was an amazing experience and certainly taught me to be much more tolerant.”

Graduated BSc IM 2010

Sabrina GallardoNow Country Division Controller and deputy CFO at Siemens Industry, Switzerland

“Consulting and supporting projects is what I love best. Cost is key for me so the opportunities to analyse situations and develop a strategy allows me to use my whole potential and not just my mathematical abilities.  It also involves more contact with people.  Obviously my job involves cycles of controlling where I have to deliver budgets and quarterly forecasts and so on but then for the rest of the year I am involved in projects on a diverse range of topics such as pricing tools, IT dashboards or recently I worked on business development based on the impact of the strong Swiss franc. Here I had to not only work with finance but also with logistics and the MarCom guys, exploring what the projected impacts were on the Siemens volume and the clients’ behaviour… I can get very involved and passionate about such projects.”

How did studying IM help?  “The key thing for me, I think, are the student networks.  These are really strong – not only during studies when we help each other study, and have fun at parties, but also afterwards. I was astonished, when I came back to Switzerland after working abroad for 4 years, that my former classmates were there for me, supported my job search. The most helpful course for me was Consulting, I took this as a minor and it taught me how to speak with different stakeholders.”

Post-Graduation During the on-site Insight China, Sabrina actually linked up with her future employer, Alstom, during the Insight China seminar. She asked if she could send her CV and next thing found herself on a train to Paris to be Financial Analyst for the Latin America Region & Controller of the Business Unit Alstom Transport. Next she took on the role of Business Manager with Estée Lauder Companies, based in Madrid, where she concurrently completed a MSc in International Relations and Affairs at the Comillas Pontifical University.

Want to catch up with Sabrina? You’ll find her on our LinkedIn group.





Bid for Boss funds go to charity

Today we  donated 2000 Swiss Francs to Andrew Frei and Flavio Schneeberger”s Swiss Support Foundation! This money was raised by the IM Community at the “Bid for a Boss” charity event on May, 16th this year. Nine “bosses” went under the hammer and just over CHF 3500 was raised in total and has now been redeemed from the various generous bidders.  After covering the costs for the event plus the graduation prize, CHF 2000 remained for the charity SSF set up by alumnus Andrew and Flavio.

SSF works predominantly with children in the Philippines to improve their lives, especially by funding accident and health insurance (see www.SwissSupportFoundation.ch).  alan and andrew freiBrothers Alan (left) and Andrew Frei at the Bid for a Boss event on 16 May this year.  Alan was the guest speaker  and Andrew, an IM alumnus, is one of the founders of the Swiss Support Foundation which was voted as the recipient for funds raised at the charity auction.




Bosses, Networking, Fundraising: What an Event


Difficult to say what was most enjoyable about the Bid for a Boss Event on Friday 16 May: Alan Frei’s highly entertaining and motivating talk on Entrepreneurship, the  successful and at times amazing bidding while 10 successful “bosses” were auctioned off to raise over CHF 3500 for charity, the always popular speed-networking?  All of that and more.

Thanks to everyone -guests, student helpers and all of you who came – for making this such a success.  To relive the memories – or see what you missed out on – go to our Facebook page or  see the slider above.

The charity selected by all participants on Friday to receive a donation from the event profits was Swiss Support Foundation which was co-founded by alumnus Andrew Frei – we’ll keep you posted not only on how the funds are used but also on how it went when the “bosses” met up with their winners.




Forecast 2013 and message from the IM Alumni Board

Last year saw the launch of our Association. After the fantastic kick-off event in May when the charity auction raised well over Fr. 4000, we were able to finance a small welcome gift for all the new alumni in October who graduated and start up our website (www.imalumni.com). Then Fr. 2000 was transferred to IM alumna Regina Naseremba’s Beatrice International College in Uganda. The school is thrilled with this contribution and Regina reports it will probably go towards the funding of a third school block now that registrations are rising. We’ll keep you posted on progress. A big thanks to all for contributing to such a worthwhile project. Those of you who have meanwhile redeemed the lecturer/alumni/student you bid for, remember to send us photos of the events so we can post them. We also had a first networking result – an alumna was recruited to give a guest lecture at your alma mater.

This year will see a couple of IM Alumni events. Our Karaoke Event is set for March and will be expanded to include a few surprises and extra’s. The new campus building opens in summer- and we’ll tie in with that. We will also launch our IM Alumni prize. We’ll give you the details about these and other activities in January.

So, we toast you all and hope 2013 is a very lucky and happy year for you all.

Flo, Esin, Robel, Firat, Raina, Mario, Brigitte


Auction Proceeds to Ugandan School

The funds raised by the IM Alumni for the Beatrice International College have been transferred. There were some delays as some of the money raised was not immediately paid in but – thanks everyone – the bookkeeping is now functioning. We will keep you updated on what this school in Uganda, set up by IM alumna Regina Nasseremba, does with your generous donation.