There will be a fresh batch of IM Alumni on Thursday 26 September.  The graduation ceremony, for all all School of Business students, will be held in the Stadtheater in Olten and the IM Alumni Board will be there too as this year, for the first time, we’ll be awarding a prize for the IM student who contributed most to the IM Community.

The students themselves could nominate and select candidates for this prize and it is in line with our statutes where we wish to promote the “giving back” aspect of an international and multi-cultural education.  We’ll upload the photos and who receives the prize after the ceremony.  The prize itself, of course, is funded by you via the proceeds of events.



Those of you who’ve been in the train going through Olten will long have noticed the large new FHNW building.  It’s now been in use since mid summer and the new IM students will be starting there next week.  There’s an Open Day on Saturday 21 September to which the general public and you, of course, are warmly invited.

There’s a diverse and full programme from 10 am to 4pm which not only includes food and drink but  students will be offering tours, there’s activities for children, live music and various other activities.  If you plan to go and want to meet up with other alumni, post on our Facebook page and you’ll undoubtedly get a response.  For full information go to