Give Back – Pay Forward

As we’ve benefitted from our international education, we wish to support others in the same way.

IM Alumni pay forward by contributing money, resources, knowledge or contacts to people or projects engaged in international education.

In 2012, 2014 and 2017 we held charity auctions and each time raised CHF 2000 for charities set up by alumni. The remaining profits cover the annual IM Alumni Graduation Prize of CHF 400 to whichever graduand is voted the most “social cookie” by fellow classmates.  And, as we don’t charge membership fees, we also need some funds to cover running costs (website hosting, F&B at our events).

You can donate talent, donate time or donate treasure.

Our bank details. Just in case you want to donate treasure..

IM Alumni Association

Esin Cengiz (President)

IBAN CH5880970000004424636


4603 Olten

BC-Nr 80970