Donate Treasure

Treasure – a euphemism here for money! Please mail us  if you wish to donate funds to the association to help keep it operating and finance events and fundraising, or support any of the projects we sponsor.

Remember – there are no membership fees so we rely on donations and fundraising.

Below are the bank account details

IM Alumni (finance events, keep us afloat)

IM Alumni Association

Esin Cengiz (President)

IBAN CH5880970000004424636


4603 Olten

BC-Nr 80970

Catalyst4Change (charity supported at 2017 Bid for a Boss, supplying laptops and basic IT training for children, young people in rural Nigeria. Founded by IM alumnus John Uwaeke)



Basler Kantonalbank

4002 Basel

IBAN CH11 0077 0253 5963 8200 1 770. 

SwissSupportFoundation (charity supported at 2014 Bid for a Boss which helps the community of Southern Leyte in the Pilippines for instance with Accident and health Insurance, improving the road to school for children. Co-founded by IM alumnus Andrew Frei)

Contact if you would like to donate

Beatrice Secondary School Kyankwanzi (charity/secondary school set up in rural Uganda enabling young people to gain an education and training. It is possible to support the school in general or to sponsor individual children. Supported by IM Alumni charity auction in 2012.Founded and run by IM alumna Regina Nasseremba)

Hypothekarbank Lenzburg, CH-5600 Lenzburg

Verein “Förderung BSSK Uganda”
IBAN CH39 0830 7000 2830 1830 5 Spenden
IBAN CH17 0830 7000 2830 1831 3 Patenschaften/Schulgeld