New Alumni “won” First Generation Alumnus/Boss

Vinzent Batt is an IM alumnus of the first generation and someone who’s always stayed in touch with the programme (and especially the student seminars) and was brave enough this year to stand for auction as a boss. Asja Hot (currently in the MSc IM) and Kim Hunziker (about to graduate from BSc IM) shared Vinzenz’s interest and passion for NGO activities and projects and “won” him for half a day at May’s Auction. Vinzent is Vice-Director at Sandon – a company which manages and supports organisations and associations. Smiles all around – thanks for keeping us posted."Boss" Vinzenz Batt during the encounter  with  Asja Hot (middle ) and Kim Hunziker

“Boss” Vinzenz Batt during the encounter with Asja Hot (middle ) and Kim Hunziker



Bid for a Boss – for example

We’re rolling out the details about which “bosses” you can bid for at the 16 May event.  Incredible people, incredible opportunities.  We’ll keep revealing more details over the next fortnight.  Don’t forget to register for the event here or on our Facebook page.

edwin2 Edwin Schweitzer
Job title/Position Director Supply Chain EMEA
Company 3M
Short CV (max 30 words Studies: Mechanical EngineeringDifferent Positions: Supply Chain Operations, Plant Management,Supply Chain ManagementAssignments: In Europe, USA, Asia, Latin America for 3M
What you offer for auction* Fun dinner with Career Coaching


Michèle Richner
Position HR Social Media Manager,Baloise Group
Background Graduation: 2011
Major: Corporate Communication
Internship: Marketing @ PwC
Current Job: Content Marketing and Employer Branding online
Skills needed: Content creation & curation, community management, agency management, passion, no fear to fail.
On offer Half-day shadowing: Behind the scenes look at our Employer Branding activities with focus on social media/online (depending on interest also short sessions with our Head of Employer Branding and/or University Marketing Expert)orPersonal Branding Consulting: Online reputation check, help with setting up or improving Xing/Linkedin profiles, creating a personal landing page with free tools, tipps on how to use current social media plattforms for your job search.or (for the time poor)

Q&A Session (also possible in combination with either of the above) during lunch, after work, for coffee.

(maximum half-day)

Minimum bid (reserve) Please, it’s for charity!

More coming soon…..

The full catalogue will be out end of the month