The Catalogue is Out

So here’s the full catalogue: 15 bosses offering unique oppotunities.  Highlights include: personal consulting from an SRF economics reporter including a visit to a TVshow such as Arena or Sportpanorama, a 2-day excursion to Brussels (flights and accommodation included) to sit in on a workshop on Swiss-EU relations, a day in a communications agency, behind the scenes at a hotel including learning how to make ice-cream,  joining a CEO on  a visit to Europe’s largest tradeshow in Nürnberg…..

2017 Bid for a Boss Event_programme and auction catalogue

For those of you who can’t make it but would love to win one of these opportunities: mail us at to set up phone bidding on the night.

Bid for a Boss, 27 April from 1830.  Register here or on Facebook




Boss#2: Talk with Melanie about Controlling

Melanie Auer, Head of Controlling at Roche Pharma

Melanie Auer is Head of Controlling at Roche Pharma.  And she’s our Boss#2.  She’s been with Roche since graduating from BSc IM in 2011 – including six months in India helping to establish the controlling unit there.

Bid for her on 27 April #BidforaBoss and get individual time with her to talk about controlling, networking and planning your development.  Drinks in the Pebbles Bar – that’s the one at the top of the Roche tower – are included.

Sign up here or on Facebook

By the way – there will be something pretty special to eat and drink on the night – we’ll tell you more next week


#Throwback Thursday: Esin Cengiz

The Missing Podium. From left: Robert Buttery auctioning Dean Antje Leukens and Esin Cengiz finding it thoroughly amusing

“At the kick-off event for IM Alumni we were beginners and made a few hilarious mistakes. Not only were we not able to print the name tags on time, we realized we didn’t have a podium for the charity auction and Robert as auctioneer and Antje who was being auctioned tried to stand on the same chair. This was hilarious. Later at the speed-networking there were some misunderstandings as some thought it was speed-dating.  But it was great – so good to launch this connection and I’m certainly looking forward to the next one – the Bid for a Boss on 27 April – where we do have a podium!”

Graduated BSc IM 2009

Now Head of HR and of CSR at Pernod Ricard “What I really love about my job is working with people, supporting them supporting them to be at their best as well being there for them when they just need someone to talk and share their thoughts. It’s especially the change management that I find challenging and rewarding.  It allows me to be creative and innovative and put my footprint on our culture – the way we want to work, to shape our organization. Hence why I was actively looking for roles in HR where I could embrace the change management aspect in my area of responsibilities. What I enjoy a lot about working at Pernod Ricard is definitely the great brands we have but also our decentralized organization which  gives us the liberty to shape our business according to the Swiss market needs. We are all asked to be entrepreneurs and take responsibilities for our decisions and actions. We are quick to make decisions and bring change, and that is what keeps me going every day. That also is reflected in our CSR actions where we should not just talk about it, but do it seriously, set an example.  So, for instance, we’re now changing our cars to emission A standards and introducing a paperless office or working with SpiritsSuisse to actively raise awareness about misuse of alcohol.  Additionally, we’re sponsoring ESN (European Student Network) parties at the FHNW with the objective of supporting responsible drinking.”

How did studying IM help? ”It taught me to be flexible and open-minded. This attitude was intrinsic in the studies and then consolidated on the semester abroad. My world was opened to the fact that different people perceive things differently and do things differently – you can’t just go from your own perceptions.  Of course we experienced this too during our studies here – there were many students from different cultures.  And our lecturers – not only different cultures but teaching us diverse topics: our professor in Maths and Statistics also taught an elective in Books of the World. I truly believe that we are very lucky to have gone through the studies as we have, we were exposed to diversity in a way that is very special and prepared us all to what was to come. I think that is the reason why I enjoy being the Chair of the IM Alumni Association Board so much, to be able to give back and contribute to the great community of IM is still very rewarding and exciting as ever. It is great to see that every year the school is graduating top class students and opens many doors for them to go and be great at what they do. I am certainly grateful that I have had the opportunity to study International Management at the FHNW, not only for the great people and experiences but for the long lasting relationships I have gained out of it.”

After Graduation “After an initial internship in HR at PwC I became an HR Assistant and HR Consultant @PwC.  Then I became PMO for the Global Talent Acquisition team to shape the new recruitment strategy for Zurich Insurance Company. In 2013 I had the great chance to join 3M EMEA, where my role as HR Coordinator was to coordinate/manage the start-up of the newly created Supply Chain Center of Expertise EMEA in Burgdorf, moving over 200 people from across the world to Switzerland and building up the organization from day one on. Since 2013 I am also the Chair of the IM Alumni Association Board.”


Hail the new IM Graduates and Prize Winners

Prizewinners 2016 on the move. Manuel Frei and Lawrence Morillo (far right) were voted the most community spirited classmates by their peers and awarded the IM Alumni Graduation Prize yesterday. Another IM graduate, Selina Widmer (far left) took the prize for the highest overall grade in Communication subjects.

Prizewinners 2016 on the move. Manuel Frei and Lawrence Morillo (far right) were voted the most community spirited classmates by their peers and awarded the IM Alumni Graduation Prize yesterday. Another IM graduate, Selina Widmer (far left) took the prize for the highest overall grade in Communication subjects.

A new batch of  49 IM graduates received their diplomas today.  And our IM Alumni Graduation Prize was also awarded – for the first time there was a tie.  Manuel Frei was praised especially for independently organising a brilliant study trip to Poland for his fellow students.  And Lawrence Morillo for his constant support of his classmates with organising study groups and study materials for classmates and helping the exchange students.

The IM Alumni Graduation Prize is awarded each year to whoever the graduating classmates think has contributed most to the IM community.  Indicative of the fundamental spirit of IM, there were a dozen nominations: Also nominated this year were: Valentina Heiz, Dominic Lohberger, Mitja Messerli, Nicolas Perrin, Yves Sutter, Joel Vogt, Rigzin-Chodon Dotschung, Tanja Nann and Selina Widmer. (A large number of students voted for Haris Besic even though he was not on the nominations list because he decided to extend his studies so he was saluted to general applause yesterday.) The prize money (CHF 400) is raised at IM Alumni events and was handed over yesterday by the president of the IM Alumni Association, Esin Cengiz.

Our congratulations to all the new graduates.  We hope to see you soon.

p.s. As soon as the professional photos are out, we’ll post them here.


Job Application Event

job application eventCurrent students in one of the “international” programmes are invited to  a Job Application Event on 21 May where several alumni now working in HR and several professors can check your application dossier, your LinkedIn profile or answer questions about job interviews and (job, Master’s) application processes.  The consultations, with a time slot of about 20 minutes per focus area, are free of charge.

When and where? The event will take place on Thursday, 21 May from 1730 to 1930 in the mensa at OVR.

Registration Please register by 10am on 15 May by using this form where you can state which service(s) you’d like to profit from and your optimal time slots.  You will receive your allocated time-slots by 19 May.




New Alumni “won” First Generation Alumnus/Boss

Vinzent Batt is an IM alumnus of the first generation and someone who’s always stayed in touch with the programme (and especially the student seminars) and was brave enough this year to stand for auction as a boss. Asja Hot (currently in the MSc IM) and Kim Hunziker (about to graduate from BSc IM) shared Vinzenz’s interest and passion for NGO activities and projects and “won” him for half a day at May’s Auction. Vinzent is Vice-Director at Sandon – a company which manages and supports organisations and associations. Smiles all around – thanks for keeping us posted."Boss" Vinzenz Batt during the encounter  with  Asja Hot (middle ) and Kim Hunziker

“Boss” Vinzenz Batt during the encounter with Asja Hot (middle ) and Kim Hunziker



Raise your hands for the CHF 4000 raised!

Roll the drums folks, we raised roughly 4000 Swiss francs by successfully auctioning bosses to the IM Alumna on the 16th of May. Thank you people! Now that your job’s completed, ours has just started. We’re currently still in the process of collecting all the money, so if you’re one of the lucky devils who won a boss then please be reminded to pay your bill as soon as possible. Timely payment will facilitate our job and the money can be transferred to where it really belongs. As you were informed on the night of the event, we will donate a major amount of the proceeds to the “Swiss Support Foundation”, an NGO co-founded by former IM student Andrew Frei. The organization aims to improve the standards of living in the villages of Napantao, Southern Leyte in the Philippines.

With the remaining amount of money we will also finance this year’s graduation prize, which will pay tribute to the one student who contributed most to the IM community during the last three years and will hopefully continue to do so in the future!

And finally, of course, we also need to make sure that all the event costs are covered. This is what the last bit of money will be used for. We’ll post more information when the accounting process has been completed.

More photos of this event can be found online at Kierin Mulholland Photography page – Kierin Mulholland is an IM student and photographer.

Bid for a Boss Event by Kierin Mulholland


Second boss encounter update!

Today we received news and a photo of another boss encounter: boss Peter Maurer, an Area Sales Manager at Bosch (Scintilla) and current IM student Laura Seifert. Peter took Laura to see the Scintilla production site in St Niklaus and then headed for a tour and a Marketing/Sales Q&A session in Zermatt during the afternoon. Thanks, Peter and Laura for the update! 



Bosses, Networking, Fundraising: What an Event


Difficult to say what was most enjoyable about the Bid for a Boss Event on Friday 16 May: Alan Frei’s highly entertaining and motivating talk on Entrepreneurship, the  successful and at times amazing bidding while 10 successful “bosses” were auctioned off to raise over CHF 3500 for charity, the always popular speed-networking?  All of that and more.

Thanks to everyone -guests, student helpers and all of you who came – for making this such a success.  To relive the memories – or see what you missed out on – go to our Facebook page or  see the slider above.

The charity selected by all participants on Friday to receive a donation from the event profits was Swiss Support Foundation which was co-founded by alumnus Andrew Frei – we’ll keep you posted not only on how the funds are used but also on how it went when the “bosses” met up with their winners.




Event: Full Programme and Auction Catalogue

So here it is – all the details.  Sign up, join us on 16 May.

2014 Event 

Programme and Auction Catalogue

16 May 2014   1900 – 2230

FHNW: Campus Olten/Von-Rollstrasse


1920 – 1930  Welcome IM Alumni President and BSc IM Dean

1930 – 1945

Alan Frei: How to create a startup with 48 hours.

(head of Startup@UZH and managing partner of Blue Ventures AG)

2000 – 2100

Film: 2012 funds to school in Uganda

Selection charity

Charity Auction

2130 – 2200

Speed Networking

 2200 – 2210 Final words

Entrance Fee: SFR 5

Includes drinks (beer, wine, soft drinks) and snacks (hors d’oeuvres, canapés, sandwiches)

Dress code: business casual

Student Council: the popular FHNW t-shirts, hoodies and other products will be on sale

There will additionally be a bar serving spirits, cocktails (not included in entrance fee) including the especially concocted “cALUMNIty cocktail

Auction Catalogue

 auction hammer

Auctioneer: Prof Robert Buttery

Nine executives offer service as specified under the individual entries. Any deviation from the listing must be negotiated between the parties concerned. The services are for one or two people only (so not a bidding conglomerate of more than 2 people) – the auctioneer will specify.

Payment is in cash (ATM in the atrium).  In exceptional circumstances payment slips can be provided against full disclosure of contact details.  Services can only be redeemed after payment is completed.

Funds raised are to be divided by the IM Alumni (NPO) and a charity to be selected on the evening of the auction.  The charities are

1.  Founded by IM alumnus Joshiah Ramogi this NGO, promotes solar energy and energy efficiency in Africa, with projects in Kenya and Cameroon in educating/training locals in for instance, assembling simple solar lamps.

2. NPO co-founded by alumnus Andrew Frei to improve the living conditions in Southern Leyte (Philippines) especially regarding water supply, and insurances.

3.Beatrice Secondary School Kyankwanzi, Uganda. Set up by alumna Regina Nasseremba, now in its 4th year with 200 pupils

Lot 1

 ali Alexandra S. Fronckowiak
Position Assurance (Audit) / SeniorPricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) AG, Basel
Background BSc Business Administration International Management (FHNW Olten); ca. 2 years in audit with PwC since September, 2011. Responsible for audit areas such as equity, pension & earnings per share as well as client communication.
On offer Q&A session
Minimum bid (reserve) CHF 99 + two cups of coffee!



Lot 2

 vinzenz batt Vinzenz Batt
Position Vice Director Sandona GmbH
Background UAS Diploma in International Management (FHNW) in 2003, 5 years in Marketing Communication and Employer Branding at Alstom Switzerland, 3 years of Corporate Communications at Federal Innovation Promotion Agency CTI, 1 year as Vice Director at Sandona GmbH.
On offer Half a day shadowing at work or alternatively support in personal job search. Depending on the date you can also join me for a customer event.
Minimum bid (reserve) CHF  99

Lot 3

 daniele turini Daniele Turini
Position Social Media Manager at the Basel Historical Museum
Background BSc Business Administration International Management (FHNW Olten), Major Corporate Communications, DAS E-Business Manager, 1.5 years at the Basel Historical Museum as Social Media Manager as well as all other relevant Marketing-Campaigns focus on Crossmedia, Transmedia Storytelling & eCulture. Partly self-employed as a Social Media Consultant.
On offer Half-day shadowing: How do you use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram etc. in a cultural environment? What are the challenges, strategies and obstacles institutions face today? The secret of Crossmedia. What is transmedia storytelling and why is it becoming increasingly important?orQ&A Session (also possible in combination with either of the above) during lunch, after work, for coffee)(maximum half-day)
Minimum bid (reserve) CHF 99

Lot 4

 Joachim Stephan Joachim Stephan
Position Partner and Managing DirectorThe Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
Background Joachim, leader of BCG’s European media sector, advises top executives of media, Telco and cable companies around the world. Additionally, he sits on numerous not-for-profit boards such as the expert committee of the German Federal Government on ‘Internet and Digital Society’.
On offer You meet Joachim for lunch in a European city of your choice (flight included). Based on this first conversation, Joachim offers you a mentoring, which is arranged in follow-up calls and email correspondence, which are organized to suit exactly your needs. This can span a period of one to three months.
Minimum bid (reserve) CHF  390

 Lot 5

 Matt_2009 Matthew Kane
Position Chief Operating Officer for Chemical Regulatory Affairs consultancy, LKC Switzerland Ltd
Background Matthew is a Chartered Biologist with qualifications in Agricultural and Food Sciences. He has experience in project management and his LKC role delivers support to International clients on European Regulatory projects.
On offer Join Matthew at LKC head office near Basel for half a day in a multi-cultural environment, have an opportunity to be involved in personnel training and a development evaluation for 2015, participate in marketing campaign review session and enjoy an informal Q&A over lunch.
Minimum bid (reserve) CHF 150

 Lot 6

 peter maurer Peter Maurer
Position Area Sales Manager Bosch Powertools (Scintilla AG), Solothurn
Background IM Graduate of the 1st batch, 11 years Bosch, experience in global key account management, private label / OEM, sales & marketing; worked in China and U.S. for 2 years each
On offer Depending on interest of the bidder:
a) lunch/dinner meeting / Q&A session, or
b) tour of the world’s biggest jigsawblade plant (“how to produce 1 mio. saw blades per day”), in Wallis (near Zermatt)
Minimum bid (reserve) “Whatever the winning bid will be, I will double that amount and pay that extra towards the charity ;-)”

Lot 7

 simon bandi Simon Bandi
Position Director
Background Lic. rer. pol. of University of Berne. Since 2002 working at PwC. Lead Auditor and Audit Expert with focus on Asset Management Clients (mainly Swiss Asset Managers and Funds).
On offer Option 1:
Half a day shadowing at work at client side including lunch with the team
Option 2:
Visit of SCB or YB game in Berne including dinner and drinks.
Minimum bid (reserve) 150.-

Lot 8

 Michele Richner Michèle Richner
Position HR Social Media ManagerBaloise Group
Background Graduation: 2011.Major: Corporate Communication
Internship: Marketing @ PwC
Current Job: Content Marketing and Employer Branding online.Skills needed: Content creation & curation, community management, agency management, passion, no fear to fail.
On offer Half-day shadowing: Behind the scenes look at our Employer Branding activities with focus on social media/online (depending on interest also short sessions with our Head of Employer Branding and/or University Marketing Expert) or Personal Branding Consulting: Online reputation check, help with setting up or improving Xing/Linkedin profiles, creating a personal landing page with free tools, tipps on how to use current social media plattforms for your job search. or (for the time poor) Q&A Session (also possible in combination with either of the above) during lunch, after work, for coffee. (maximum half-day)
Minimum bid (reserve) Please, it’s for charity!


Lot  9

 edwin2 Edwin Schweitzer
Position Director Supply Chain EMEA  (3M)
Background Studies: Mechanical EngineeringDifferent Positions: Supply Chain Operations, Plant Management,Supply Chain ManagementAssignments: In Europe, USA, Asia, Latin America for 3M
On offer Fun dinner with Career Coaching
Minimum bid (reserve) At auctioneer’s discretion


Speed Networking (2130 – 2200)


The popular speed networking will be held in the Mensa.

Make sure you have plenty of business cards.  You have 3 minutes to get to talk and network with your opposite before you move to the next person.

About IM Alumni

IM Alumni was largely the initiative of two BSc IM students, Florian Estoppey and Firat Aslan, back in 2011.  The association was officially founded later that year on the principal that the International Management programme is special and international enough to warrant an organisation separate from the larger FHNW alumni organisations and is open to International Management students, faculty and alumni (Master and Bachelor programmes).

The association fosters

–       Networking

–       Supporting fellow students and alumni professionally

–       Giving back and paying forward: the association supports charities and initiatives in the field of international education


The IM Alumni is a NPO and charges no membership fees.  It relies on funds raised at the annual event and from donations to cover event costs, raise enough money for the annual IM Alumni Graduation Prize and raise funds for selected charities.

The IM Alumni Graduation Prize is awarded to a graduating BSc IM programme who is nominated by the peer community as having contributed most to the IM community (general helpfulness, organizing events, on the Tutoring Team or student council, doing all the photocopying, class rep,….).  It carries a respectable cash prize.

The IM Alumni also relies on volunteers.  We welcome volunteers in general (help at events, help with communication and networking) and in particular volunteers to sit on the board (help organizing events, communication, finance/admin).  Please contact us via our Linked In page (sub group of FHNW alumni) or our Facebook page or via


Thanks for joining us tonight!!!!!!!  Hope you enjoyed it. Stay in touch.