Mission Accomplished: 36 new graduates

graduation 201436 new graduates, and therefore new alumni, were celebrated at the Graduation Ceremony in Olten on Friday 3 October.

The IM Alumni Graduation Prize was also announced:  Chantal Bucher was voted the person who contributed most to the class communities over the past three years.  Her fellow students commended her for her indefatigable friendship, support and help – constantly promoting the community spirit.

The CHF 400 cash prize,  sponsored by IM Alumni fundraising, was announced at the ceremony by IM Alumni board president Esin Cengiz.  Unfortunately, Chantal was not able to be present at the Graduation Ceremony – she will receive her prize separately.

Of the three other Graduation Prizes awarded for academic achievement, two went to IM graduates.  Stephanie Pauli won the CHF 500 EAO prize for best overall grade (5.5 overall grade average and 5.9 for her thesis) and Samy Shalaby received the CHF 100 Buchhandlung Schreiber prize for best overall grade in Communication (average 5.6).

Congratulations to all the new graduates – we hope you stay in touch.



IM Graduation and Prizes 2013

Congratulations to the brand new IM alumni! At the end of September another 32 joined our proud ranks. We wish you success and joy in this new stage of life.

IM Class 2013 - 3.32

IM Class 2013 – 3.31

IM Class 2013 - 1.32

IM Class 2013 – 3.32

For the first time ever, IM Alumni presented a graduation prize at the Graduation Ceremony on 26 September.  As our key goals are networking and giving back, the prize reflected this.  All year 3 IM students were asked to nominate one person from among their own year  who “contributed most to the IM community” and to give their reason.  There was an overwhelming response and 8 individuals received nominations for being class representatives,  or serving on the Student Council, being a buddy to exchange students, being generally helpful with photocopying or support, organising events.  The list was long and heartwarming.  As dean Prof Antje Leukens said in her speech at the ceremony, the readiness to contribute and help is a key characteristic of IM students.

There was a clear winner – who received over 40% of the votes:  Özlem Kösker.  Some of the praises sung for her included “she was always very engaged in integrating the exchange students and organizing events/parties etc. She’s a very open-minded person and talked to everyone, no matter whether local student or from abroad. ” “As a Students Council member she really did an additional work and contributed to a better environment for all of us (guaranteed the exchange between visitings and locals). Furthermore, she also stayed at the students house (Franziskushaus) even when the event was already finished and helped cleaning up everything (while the others where already partying at the Terminus). I’ll give her my vote because she really deserves it!” and “indefatigable commitment for the community, both in-class and students council, where she put a lot of effort into the buddy system for incoming students.”

IM Class 2013 - IM Prize presented to the winner Özlem Kösker by the IM Alumni Association Esin Cengiz

IM Class 2013 – IM Prize presented to the winner Özlem Kösker by the IM Alumni Association Esin Cengiz

The prize of CHF 400 (which comes from fundraising events conducted by IM Alumni) was presented to Özlem by president of the board, Esin Cengiz (and handed over with a very big hug instead of a handshake as Özlem has also been helping the IM Alumni the last year in liaising with current students – so she was, as Esin said, even “one of us”).

Esin Cengiz, president of IM Alumni Association and Özlem Kösker, winner of the IM Prize 2013

Esin Cengiz, president of IM Alumni Association and Özlem Kösker, winner of the IM Prize 2013

Another proud IM moment was when Sabine Stucki received the official prize for best grade overall (5.6)  in Communication – well done Sabine.

Best grade average for communication, Sabine Stucki

Prof Axel Keller presented to Sabine Stucki for best grade average for Communication




There will be a fresh batch of IM Alumni on Thursday 26 September.  The graduation ceremony, for all all School of Business students, will be held in the Stadtheater in Olten and the IM Alumni Board will be there too as this year, for the first time, we’ll be awarding a prize for the IM student who contributed most to the IM Community.

The students themselves could nominate and select candidates for this prize and it is in line with our statutes where we wish to promote the “giving back” aspect of an international and multi-cultural education.  We’ll upload the photos and who receives the prize after the ceremony.  The prize itself, of course, is funded by you via the proceeds of events.